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Electronic Piano

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Electronic Piano Description

Electronic Piano is a Free Program that allows the user to play Musical Notes, Chords and Drums using the computer keyboard.

Although this is not a software for professional purposes, Electronic Piano doesn’t require knowledge of the MIDI technology, it takes up little disk space and it is very simple to install and use.

Features :

* 128 Musical Instruments (General MIDI Standard)
* 47 Drums sounds
* Play 12 types of Chords by pressing a single key
* Chords can be played simulating the 6 strings of a Guitar
* Combine the sound of up to 7 different Musical Instruments
* Octave and Volume selection for the melody and chords

Tags : Freeware, Multimedia Software
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  1. bujar says:

    no coment for now

  2. Mostafa says:

    that was good

  3. gfhfdh says:


  4. lkhrflnvi says:


  5. Fleur says:

    awesome!!!!!!!!thank you))))

  6. play says:

    interesting articles to read

  7. John Mann says:

    I am a newbie at learning piano. It is such a great feeling to be able to play a song for the first time.

    Thank you for your inspiration :)

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