VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English 1.0

VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English 1.0

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VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English 1.0 Description

A translation software which provides Arabic-English-Arabic translation for words and phrases that appear in Windows applications. To use VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English, simply click on a word or phrase using the mouse button chosen during installation, and the VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English window will pop-up with the definition of the word or phrase.

VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English captures and translates words and phrases from most Windows applications, simply by pointing the mouse to the word and clicking on it. Once VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English application is running, select a word by clicking on it (according to the selected mouse configuration). You can also type the word in the VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English window.

Here are some key features of “VerbAce-Pro Arabic-English”:
*Arabic-English-Arabic Dictionary:
*Phrases and Idioms:
*User-defined Dictionary:
*Virtual Arabic Keyboard:

· Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

· 30 days trial

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4.2 MB
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OS: Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 7

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